Nothing news to me. I was keeping fitness all the time. That’s really made me exciting when I was do body exercises. I usually go to gym twice a week at evening. Sometimes do exercises at noon.


I tried to stop my thinking. I tried to prevent my worrying in my mind. I don’t wanna be anxiety in future. I tried to change myself. Could I still have another chance to saving?

2018- diary

Time goes fly. 2017 has gone away. For many years I’m grewing, I’m thinking deeply. I always be worried a lot. Yep still be worried a lot. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Especially when I was sorrow. I wish that I can cure myself. I tried to focus on happier things. When I was…

National Holiday(1)

I’m looking forward the holiday was coming. I really hope that I have a good time relax for a while. On 1th October till 8th October is national holiday in China. We will have 8 days off from working day . During this period I’ve been to An Hui. The weather is rainy and cold….


The sunflower will be strong alive even if without the sunshine. ​​​

2th September 2017

Stop my Wechat moments or something. I wanna be calm. I wanna be quiet. I wanna find myself. Stop my bad mood. I wanna be happy. Always sunshine. Life is too short to be ordinary.